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  • Inline centrifugal fan VENTS VK EC seriesInline centrifugal fan VENTS VK EC series new series

    Inline centrifugal fans in plastic casing with the air capacity up to 1500 m3/h. Designed for supply and exhaust ventilation systems.

  • Switch P2-10Switch P2-10 new series

    Turning fan on/off and speed switching for multispeed fans.

  • DG1 seriesDG1 series new series

    Access doors for plasterboard applications.

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Intellectual fans

  • VENTS iFan series

    VENTS iFan series

    Intellectual axial fans for exhaust ventilation with air capacity up to 133 m3/h.

  • VENTS iFan CELSIUS series

    VENTS iFan CELSIUS series

    Being equipped with a temperature sensor VENTS iFan CELSIUS can detect a heat level increase and ensure efficient ventilation by balancing warm air streams among spaces. Maximum air capacity up to 133 m3/h.