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  • Roof Exhaust Gas Extraction Booster Fan for Fireplaces VENTS VKTRoof Exhaust Gas Extraction Booster Fan for Fireplaces VENTS VKT new series

    Roof Exhaust Gas Extraction Booster Fan for Fireplaces. Air Capacity – up to 1000 m3/h.

  • VENTS iFan CELSIUS seriesVENTS iFan CELSIUS series new series

    Being equipped with a temperature sensor VENTS iFan CELSIUS can detect a heat level increase and ensure efficient ventilation by balancing warm air streams among spaces. Maximum air capacity up to 133 m3/h.

  • OKF1 seriesOKF1 series new series

    Direct-expansion duct coolers are designed for cooling of supply air in rectangular ventilation systems and can be used either for supply or supply and exhaust units.

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Ventilation kits and vents

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  • Ventilation kits
  • Wall vents

    Wall vents

    Wall vent is intake ventilation unit for constant ventilation and designed for supplying of fresh air to residential or nonresidential premises. Wall vent can fill the room with fresh air is not opening windows and not letting the dust, street noise, dust to the premises. And also eliminates the leakage of heat in the winter time through an open window or window vent and, thus, reduce the cost of additional heating of the room.

  • Window vents

    Window vents

    Window vent is an inflow device meant for permanent ventilation and is designed for supply of fresh air in residential and non-residential premises. Such ventilation can be built into different sized window frames in apartments, cottages, office buildings.

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